Our professionals are eager to put their talent to work to develop fun and engaging products on a wide range of mediums and platforms. Let them help you thrill your audience on the platform or medium of your choosing.


We do:

VFX & CGI are two services that we are particularly strong in and proud to provide for movies, TVCs, TV series, music videos, etc …, and we will keep focusing most on both people and facilities in the future.

Online Service

We do:

Besides movies, TVCs, TV series, music videos, etc …, we provide indispensable services to increase the quality of products, bringing superb images proven through our completed projects

Offline Service

We do:

We provide Offline Editor that can create emotional climaxes in each product which occupies an essential role in the storytelling art, and transform ideas into soulful productions to be well received by the audience

Color Grading

We do:

Color in each video clip is an extremely significant factor for the audience to sympathize and immerse in each footage. We always treasure every moment on the screen to make ordinary scenes become the most poetic and touching.